General Support

Support hours can be used for a variety of things such as data entry, basic website updates, training, onboarding, photo editing and general business consultancy.

PREPAY 1 x hour = £150.00
PREPAY 2 x hours = £250.00 (£125.00 p/h)
PREPAY 3 x hours = £360.00 (£120.00 p/h)
PREPAY 5 x hours = £575.00 (£115.00 p/h)
PREPAY 10+ x hours = £1,100.00 (£110.00 p/h)

MONTHLY 1 x hour = £125.00
MONTHLY 2 x hours = £240.00 (£120.00 p/h)
MONTHLY 3 x hours = £345.00 (£115.00 p/h)
MONTHLY 5 x hours = £550.00 (£110.00 p/h)
MONTHLY 10+ x hours = £1,000.00 (£100.00 p/h)

- Support hours can be used for general online updates including editing/updating website content, adding products/categories, installing apps/plugins, basic photo resizing/editing, system queries, consultancy, advice & admin.
- Support hours cannot be used for content writing, SEO, app/api development, on-site work, complete new website projects/newsletter campaigns, adwords/advertising/marketing or any advanced technical/coding/graphic/analytics projects. Complex higher level requirements of this nature are quotable on a project basis.
- Tasks are listed on a shared work log for your review.
- Support hours are non-refundable.
- Monthly support plan hours can rollover 2 months.
- Monthly support plans are flexible and can be adjusted/cancelled with 2 months notice.
- Prepaid batch support hours do not expire and can be kept on account for use when needed.
- Completion times for simple support requests vary but can range anything from 1 to 14+ working days, depending on the type of task and work queue at time of request. More advanced requests may likely require a longer time to process.
- We endeavour to provide priority support and prompt response/completion times to all support customers and to try and be flexible in the event of any urgent situations.