Creative Logo Design Essentials

In today’s market, it is essential to have a creative logo design that positively portrays your company, while helping it stand out from the crowd. There are three major creative web design tips to keep in mind when working on your company logo, but there are also a few creative logo design essentials you should remember. Here are seven essential elements of an outstanding logo. 

1. Your logo doesn’t have to say it all
Think about some of the world’s most legendary brands and you’ll realize their logos say absolutely nothing about what their company does or sells. Puma, Adidas and Nike all have creatively designed logos and they accomplish that without ever showing a tennis shoe or piece of clothing. 

2. Stay true to your company
Be sure your creative logo design stays true to your company’s essence and core beliefs. A quirky design is great if you are marketing children’s toys, but isn’t appropriate for an accounting firm. On the same note, a bank logo probably isn’t the best bet model for a day care centre. 

3. Target your target group
While it is nice to have a company logo you are in love with, it is more important for your customers to love it. Think about your target audience and design your logo with them in mind. If your personality varies greatly from the group you are trying to reach, ask for input from your creative friends or get the help of creative web design specialist. 

4. Stand Out
It’s a good idea to glance at your competitor’s logos when you are in the brainstorming phase of your logo design… but stop there. Your goal is to create a logo that will stand out from the crowd … not blend in with it. As you are creating your new logo, strive to be different and avoid clichés or copycat graphics that mimic your competitors. 

5. Keep text and graphic icons separate
A tagline is nice, especially if you’d like to create a catchy phrase or explain your business in a few words, but be sure to keep it separate from your logo’s graphic. If you do, you will be able to use both elements independently and you won’t risk losing text when you minimize your design. 

6. Repetition is redundant … but reiterate anyway
Expert marketers will tell you there is no such thing as bad PR … on that same note, there is no such thing as too much exposure. Showcase your new logo every chance you get-print it on t-shirts, polo shirts, websites, your Twitter and Facebook profiles, your company letterhead, brochures, your business cards … everywhere. In fact, use it until you are sick of it. Then, use it some more. 

7. Don’t Stop There
Finalizing your creative logo design is the first step in creating your company’s brand, but it’s just that … the beginning. It is only through repetition, strong marketing and establishing your business’s principles that you will develop your brand. So, get started with a creative logo design, but don’t stop there. 

There are many things to consider when you are working on a creative logo design, so don’t get frustrated if it takes time. If you feel like you need a professional touch, contact us today and see how our creative design specialists can help with your new logo.