Why You Should Hire A Creative Website Designer

Back at the beginning of the Internet age, forward-thinking companies hired a creative website designer to construct their site, put their site online and then trouble-shoot the site when technical problems arose. As websites are becoming easier for amateur publishers to create and increasingly less expensive for them to build and maintain, some small businesses are choosing to do the work themselves. 

However, with just a quick hop, skip and jump around the web, even the least-savvy searchers can tell the difference. A basic site is a good way to get your business online, but when you are ready to kick your professionalism up a notch, you’ll want to hire a specialist. 

A good creative web designer wears several hats, each of which is vital to your company’s online success. Here are some of the different roles your web specialist will play when creating your website. 

- Website Designer
As a website designer, your specialist will help you choose page layouts, select graphics, colours and fonts (see our article: The Basic Elements of Creative Website Design) and will help you decide how your readers will navigate your site. 

- Programmer
A web programmer is in charge of the technical aspects of your site, including creating the code that will ensure your site works properly. This is where the nuts and bolts of your creative web design are put into place. 

- Graphic Designer
As a graphic designer, your creative web specialist will take control of all of the visual aspects of your site, including how your colours work together, where to use graphics and how to incorporate your logo into the design. 

- Internet Consultant
When choosing a creative website designer, make sure she will be able to help you with the practical aspects of your website, including how you will use your site in your overall online marketing plan. She should also be able to give you tips on increasing traffic and attracting new customers. 

A Few Things to Consider:

1. Pay attention to what your designer asks about your business and make sure she makes an effort to get to know your company. 

2. Ask your designer for a list of testimonials or recommendations-and don’t be afraid to check them. Look through her online portfolio so you can get a feel for the type of work she does.

3. Ask your specialist if she wears all four “hats” mentioned above. If not, ask if she has recommendations for talented graphic designers.

4. Your creative website designer might be able to recommend a good copywriter, but she won’t do it herself and the price won’t be included in your web design fee. 

5. Speaking of fees, be sure to ask what is included in your price, including any follow-up, maintenance or redesign work. Also ask about time limitations, add-ons and extras you may need later.

Your website is one of the most critical elements of your marketing plan and is the most important online marketing tool you can use. Choosing a good creative website designer is vital for your company’s professionalism and can make a difference in your company’s online success. 

If you would like to discuss the requirements of your project, our team would be happy to help and provide a FREE website quotation.