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Standard Terms - any additional terms as per support documentation
● Monthly support hours CAN be used for general updates, telephone/Skype training & consultancy. Examples of this include: editing/updating website content & adding products/categories, installing apps/plugins, newsletter system assistance, telephone/screenshare training, basic photo resizing/editing, system queries, general advice & admin
● Monthly support hours CANNOT be used for content writing, SEO, app/api development, on-site work, complete new website projects/newsletter campaigns, adwords/advertising or any advanced technical/coding/graphic/analytics projects. Complex higher level requirements of this nature will be quotable and are not included in support plans.
● Support plans are charged monthly by automated payment subscription
● Tasks and times will be detailed on a work log for your reference
● Processing times can vary from a few days to a few weeks depending on the type of request, however we set aside resources for monthly plan clients and provide priority services where possible
● 1 month rollover permitted, after this any unused hours will be forfeited
● Monthly plans can be cancelled/amended at any time should your requirements change. 2 months notice required for cancellations